Rave Reviews and Testimonials

11/19/2020 – “Angela is one of the best trainers I’ve ever worked with. A 30-minute workout might not seem like much, but she crams every second full so that you’re getting your time and & money’s worth. She’s fun and encouraging while still pushing you to do your best, and she makes working out feel like a safe space. I’m very glad I found her!” 


Denver, CO , Age 22

8/7/2020 – ”There‘s a reason Angela was the top trainer at our gym before she started her own business. She’s strong, but kind. She listens and makes you want to accomplish your fitness goals. Her workouts are varied so you never get bored and they are complete so you work all your muscle groups. I recommend her for both one-on-one training and group classes.“


Denver, CO, Age: 60+

6/15/2020 – “Working with Angela has been just the boost I needed to get back in shape after having a baby. She motivates me to make healthy choices in my life and be consistent with my workouts. She is also an amazing listener, so I feel like I am getting a therapy session for free too which is an extra bonus! I can’t say enough about how highly I would recommend working with her no matter what your workout needs are!”


Denver, CO, Age 42

6/6/2020 – “As a wellness professional of many decades, I often find myself observing other professionals putting their skills to work. For over a year, I witnessed a particular trainer at my gym guide her clients through appropriately challenging and properly executed exercises. Attention to detail, not only to the movement, but of the client’s needs was consistently demonstrated. Care, compassion, and a genuine desire to help those she served was obvious. When I found myself in need of a trainer to teach group training classes for the YOU Revolution program, I knew this was the gal for the job. Knowing nothing about her, other than what my eyes and ears told me, I initiated the connection and pitched my proposal. I am grateful to Angela for taking a leap outside of her comfort zone, as she was a tremendous asset to my program. Feedback from participants validated what my eyes and ears told me. I happily and highly recommend her for any guidance you might be seeking to reach your fitness and wellbeing goals.”

Michelle Zellner

Owner and Founder of Better Beings, Author/Public Speaker/Health and Happiness Strategist/Corporate Wellness Trainer

11/2020 – “I trained with Angela BC (Before Covid) for two years, and it was great. I started to make some reasonable progress with my fitness, and I looked forward to our sessions. When the gyms shut down in March I thought all that great training and all that progress would just disappear. After a few weeks I decided to try out training at home with Angela via Zoom. I was a skeptic, but I thought I might as well give it a try, it can’t hurt, and it’s probably better than nothing. Friends, my skepticism was unwarranted. I now have regular training sessions with Angela at home every week, and I’ve not only made up for lost time, I’ve increased my level of strength and fitness to new levels. Angela uses the space and equipment I have at home to structure challenging and comprehensive training sessions. I’m back to a regular workout schedule and in many ways the training experience at home is almost as good as going to the gym. On the one hand, there is the downside that you have to wash your own sweaty towels instead of chucking them in a bin, but on the other hand the commute is much shorter.”


Denver, CO , Age 60

8/31/2020 – ”I have been working out with Angela for about three years. It started when she taught a small group class at the Health club where I belonged. My first impression was Wow, here is a trainer who gave everyone in the group her full attention. She made sure that everyone was working at the level they were capable of without judgement. I am so happy to have Angela helping me work out in a healthy manner.“


Denver, CO, Age: 60+

5/29/2020 – “I’m so grateful to have Angela as my personal trainer! Angela is extremely engaging, knowledgeable, and creative coach. As soon as we were all stuck at home, she was the first to put out a program to do virtual training and she hasn’t stopped! She makes the virtual training seem like she’s in the same room with you. Her smile and enthusiasm make the time fly by!”


Denver, CO, Age 50

4/13/2020 – “Best fitness and health coach I have ever had. I add the word health because its more than a workout. It’s a relationship. If you are fortunate to have someone like Angela who’s there to make you healthier inside and out, count yourself lucky.”


Denver, CO , Age 50

6/8/2018 – “Angela is an excellent Personal Trainer!!! She keeps you motivated and feeling awesome at the gym. My body always looks amazing after her classes. Love her!!!”


Denver, CO , Age 50