Your Personal Trainer

I became a personal trainer in 2017 after graduating from the National Personal Training Institute in Golden, CO. I have experience in kettlebell training and follow NASM’s exercise progression model with all of my workouts.

I founded Fitness SME in 2020. “SME” means “subject matter expert,” and as your fitness subject matter expert, I’m here to be your mentor and guide through all things fitness.

I believe that personal trainers are more than just people who show you how to exercise. They’re here to help you grow holistically, from getting more comfortable in the gym to getting more comfortable with yourself. As someone who currently lives with chronic pain and has struggled with an eating disorder, I’m ready to meet you where you’re at, no shame or judgement about it.

Here’s what I can do for you as a personal trainer:

  • Provide a safe, judgement-free environment not only to exercise but to communicate
  • Be an accountability partner, coach and cheerleader
  • Keep exercises within the realm of your capability, never giving you something you can’t handle
  • Make the gym environment less intimidating and more comfortable
  • Show you the correct form for all exercises, even if you’ve done them before
  • Genuinely care about helping you reach your goals (even if that means having tough conversations about what needs to happen outside of your workouts)
  • Walk you through how you can improve your nutrition without overhauling your entire life
  • Help you to stop beating yourself up over what you did yesterday and instead focus on making better decisions today
  • Refer you to other experts (nutrition, physical therapy, etc.) if needed
  • Make fitness fun, engaging, challenging, and safe

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